Alex Prier

meet alex.

Alex loves cooking, spinning, de-cluttering, and spending time with her family. She graduated from UBC in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in History and English, an experience she thoroughly enjoyed and is already feeling quite nostalgic about (she just loves reading and writing, is all).

Though she joined Duncan Allen as the resident drill-sergeant of the office back in November, 2014, Alex now deploys her organizational-savvy from her desk in Montreal, QC, where she lives in a metaphorical shoebox with her boyfriend, Daniel. She loves being able to communicate with clients and work remotely for Duncan Allen while simultaneously getting to experience the charms of winter in eastern Canada. She can’t speak French, but she can eat gluten-free croissants and knows how to layer, so she is fitting in nicely.

Her career ambitions include freelance writing and finding fame on the Food Network.

I’ve learned so much from getting to work with Kara and Laura. They really do have their clients’ best interest at heart and they’re so thorough in their work – you’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on those two.


Pippa is a sassy six year-old cross of all the cutest small dog breeds. She’s known on her street as the “terrier with the derriere.” She loves being carried, going on neighbourhood patrol, and following a strict diet. She hates swimming.

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