Kathryn Hobbs

Kathryn loves her dog, her Jeep, her family, and anything pickled. She loves where she lives and takes full advantage of the natural wonders of Vancouver Island, whether it be camping, hiking, gardening or going on a road-trip with her husband and their 70 pound mix-breed, Pongo. When Kathryn isn’t at Duncan Allen Law she can be found exploring the coast, or relaxing at home with a strong cup of coffee and a good book.


“Duncan Allen Law is made up of such a dynamic group of people, all with the utmost respect for their clients. I am proud to say I am a part of this team”

– Kathryn Hobbs

Meet Pongo

Meet Pongo aka P-Dog.

Pongo, or P-Dog as most people call her, is a rescue pup from Mexico. Although she had a rough start she now lives a life of luxury. Her favourite things are her heated mattress, her doggie grandparents, hiking, camping and Bill Ball (her stuffed chinchilla toy).

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